Pediatric Eye Care Specialist

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Pediatric Eye Care services offered in Encino, Santa Clarita and Palmdale, CA

Pediatric eye care protects and supports your child’s vision and eye health throughout their youth. At Wide Eye Optometry, with offices in the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, and Palmdale, California, experienced eye doctor Mary Demirjian, OD, uses extra-gentle techniques and strategies to put her young patients at ease during eye exams. To establish pediatric eye care, call the nearest office or click the online booking tool to schedule an appointment online today. 

Pediatric Eye Care Q & A

What is pediatric eye care?

Pediatric eye care is medical care for your child’s eyes. Overall eye health is just as important as seeing well, so Wide Eye Optometry offers comprehensive pediatric eye care geared to the individual needs of each child. 

When do children need pediatric eye care?

All children should have an eye exam at around the age of 4, which helps to establish a record of their vision and eye health for the future. Dr. Demirjian generally recommends that children have eye exams once a year. 

Many parents like to schedule pediatric eye exams shortly before the start of the school year. In this way, you can make sure that your child receives any necessary vision correction (glasses or contact lenses) that they need to succeed in school. 

In addition, you should always call Wide Eye Optometry if your child shows possible signs of vision or eye health issues, such as: 

  • One eye turned inward or outward
  • Bulging eyes
  • Droopy eyelids
  • Chronic red eyes
  • Frequent eye watering, eyelid fluttering or squinting
  • Closing one eye to read
  • Reading with books very close to the face
  • Eye rubbing
  • Frequent headaches
  • Complaining of eyes feeling tired
  • Complaining of not seeing well in school

Children aren’t always able or willing to talk about vision or eye health issues, so as a parent you can help to preserve their eyesight and eye health through pediatric eye care. 

How can pediatric eye care help my child?

At Wide Eye Optometry, your child can have a refractive exam to determine whether they need vision correction. Dr. Demirjian can prescribe glasses and contact lenses that give your child perfect vision or as close as possible. 

Many kids experience myopia (nearsightedness) today, and myopia management with contact lenses can be a good way to slow progression. By slowing myopia growth now, you can reduce your child’s risk of serious vision problems later in life. Avoiding severe myopia reduces your child’s risk of glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment, and macular degeneration as adults.

If your child develops a problem like conjunctivitis (pink eye), eye allergies, or some other kind of new issue, Dr. Demirjian can prescribe a fast-acting solution to restore your child’s comfort and help them heal faster. 

For the very best in all-around pediatric eye care, call the nearest Wide Eye Optometry office or click on the booking tool to schedule an appointment.