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Contact Lenses services offered in Encino, Santa Clarita and Palmdale, CA

Today’s contact lenses are now so advanced that they can correct virtually any visual issue — and they can even work for people with issues like dry eyes or astigmatism and keratoconus. At Wide Eye Optometry, with offices in the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, and Palmdale, California, experienced eye doctor Mary Demirjian, OD, provides contact lens exams and offers a wide range of contact lenses to choose from. Call the nearest office or click the online booking tool to schedule your appointment today.

Contact Lenses Q & A

When might I want to try contact lenses?

There are many different reasons that Wide Eye Optometry patients choose contact lenses, with some of the most common including: 


While there is a wide range of fashionable glasses frames to choose from today, some people may simply prefer a glasses-free appearance, so contact lenses can be a perfect solution.

Worry-free vision correction

With glasses, you might worry about breakage or other types of damage, particularly if you’re a very active person. Contact lenses give you worry-free vision correction when you need it. 

Wearing non-prescription eyewear

If you want to wear non-prescription eyewear, like wearing sunglasses or goggles, contact lenses are a good way to do so without sacrificing vision. 

Keeping track of your lenses

It’s quite common to misplace glasses, especially if you only wear them sometimes. With contacts, your lenses are always securely in your eyes and impossible to misplace. When you take your contact lenses out for cleaning, they’re in a lens case so you’ll never have to try and remember where you placed them. 

Enhanced vision correction

People with significant vision issues, like severe myopia (nearsightedness) or astigmatism, may get the best possible vision with contact lenses versus glasses. 

While contacts certainly offer some nice advantages, glasses are a great method of vision correction too. Many people choose to wear contact lenses while also keeping a pair of glasses as a backup. 

What types of contact lenses are available?

Wide Eye Optometry offers an array of contact lenses from all the major manufacturers, including Biofinity®, Alcon®, Acuvue®, and CooperVision®. There are both soft and gas-permeable (semi-rigid) lenses available to correct all types of vision problems. 

If you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia (blurry close-up vision), astigmatism, or other vision issues, there are contacts that can help. You can even get two or more prescriptions in one lens (bifocal or multifocal lenses). 

If you have dry eyes, there are even lenses specially made to maximize the moisture in your eyes so you can wear contact lenses comfortably.  Contacts can even change your appearance, with a variety of colored contact lenses that can transform dark or light eyes into another color while correcting your vision. 

How do I get contact lenses?

To get contact lenses, simply schedule your eye exam at Wide Eye Optometry. Dr. Demirjian performs a comprehensive eye exam to determine your vision correction needs and takes a variety of special measurements to assess which lenses will fit your eyes. 

You can then try your new lenses over a week or two to make sure they work well for you. Then, you can order additional ones for future use. Dr. Demirjian gives you detailed directions about lens replacement and cleaning so you can maintain great vision and healthy eyes until your next check-up. 

Book your evaluation for contact lenses today by calling the nearest Wide Eye Optometry office or clicking the online scheduling tool.